4 gift ideas for men

4 ιδέες για δώρο σε άνδρες | Emmanuela - handcrafted for you®
Certainly a man's gift is a little harder than a gift to a woman, but that's no excuse not to show your beloved man your affection with actions! In this article we recommend classic jewellery for men, an ideal gift for celebrations and birthdays. βραχιόλια για άνδρες
  1. Bracelet for every moment of the day<
Men's chain bracelet made of oxidized silver 925. A special jewel, in a design with a surface that resembles snake skin. Matching a rock or carefree style of men's clothing. A special gift that every man will appreciate and never remove from his wrist! See all men's bracelets.
ασημένιος σταυρός για άνδρες
  1. Silver cross
Cross necklace pendant for men, made of 3 sterling silver nails & a tie of wires. The three nails symbolize the nails with which Christ was crucified. An extraordinary, original and completely handmade piece of jewellery for men who love a provocative outfit. An ideal choice for a rock and carefree style.
Find a wide variety in silver pendants, if you're looking for something different than the cross
  1. Sculls hanging, cricks or pins
Round handmade men's earring made of 925 oxidized silver, available in 2 grey tones. A geometric-designed piece of jewellery for a man who loves a rock or punk outfit, but also appropriate for any occasion in which you want to be noticed for your style. Also, a truly original gift to be remembered by the man who wears it. If your guy hasn't changed earrings in a decade, he can discover a wide variety of men'searrings!
  1. Rings for more... rocksituations!
Cross' shaped ring made of 925 sterling silver featuring black or white zircon. A special piece of jewellery with a polished surface, appropriate for modern women that love this classic symbol. A very dynamic design, fitting both a casual or a rock outfit. Discover all the designs in the men's collection from rings.
Choosing a gift is a pleasant but not always easy process, especially when it comes to a gift to a man! In the men's jewellery section of www.emmanuela.gr you can see our suggestions for him. Whether you are looking for gifts for men in a professional relationship, or for friends or gifts addressed to your partner, jewellery is a timeless value.

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