6 'Statement' jewellery that shouldn't be missing from your collection

6 «Statement» κοσμήματα που δεν πρέπει να λείπουν από τη συλλογή σου | Emmanuela - handcrafted for you®
If a jewel can boost even the simplest look, a 'statement' jewellery can tell a whole story. This summer, fashion dictates fancy colors while pearls, semi-precious stones, intense gold and bulky jewellery will be much preferred!
'Statement' jewellery is thοse pieces that, no matter how simply you dress, they give a special touch to your style and enhance your whole look. Whether it's a pair of earrings or a dynamic necklace, they can radically change your style.
This summer, fashion will be pearls, colorful semi-precious stones and thick chains!
Emmanuella suggests some handmade pieces that will give extra style and dynamic to your look!
βραχιόλι με πέτρες
1. Handmade black bracelet, made of oxidized silver with agate and spinel stones. A bracelet as special as the stones with which it is made. In black, it matches every style and outfit. Discover it here.
2. 'Double cross' dangle earrings totally handmade of 925 hammered silver, . These earrings give a touch of luxury to your outfit. Pick between different colors here.
δαχτυλίδι χρυσό ασήμι
3. Big bi colored 'dragonfly' ring', made of hammered silver 925, gold-plated on its body. An original and impressive piece for women who want to attract all eyes. Ideal gift for nature lovers and a symbol of good luck! Check it out ring.
Tip: Why not set a ring with earrings, since this season is not 'old fashioned', but very trendy? Combine it with the earrings or the dragonfly broach!
κολιέ με πέτρες
σκουλαρικια cuff ασημένια
5. Large cuff earring "olive leaves" manufactured of silver 925. An original and impressive jewel that stands out. Apiece every woman will love to wear. This project praises the important role played by the olive tree over the centuries in the daily lives of the peoples of the Mediterranean and in particular in Greece. The branches, the fruit and the olive oil, the 'juice' of the olive tree, have a symbolic character and hold an honorary position in various activities of life, culture and the art of Hellenism. Get it silver cuff and feel like Greek goddess!
ασημένια καρφίτσα
Where are you going to get 'statement' jewellery? An endless variety of handmade jewellery awaits you at www.emmanuela.gr. A rich collection designed by jewellery artist Emmanuela Alevizopoulou to satisfy every requirement.
Classic and modern designs of silver, decorated with precious stones, always according to modern fashion trends and its characteristic style Emmanuela – Handcrafted for you».

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