A guide by Emmanuela: Let's talk about men's jewellery

Οδηγός από την Emmanuela: Ας μιλήσουμε για το ανδρικό κόσμημα | Emmanuela - handcrafted for you®
What is your answer if someone asks 'Do you wear jewellery?' or if someone says 'jewellery is not for men'? If you love men's jewellery keep reading, because you will find some important tips that you can use in a constructive way! Besides, who doesn't enjoy a beautiful handmade jewel?
Most men will admire a men's jewellery, but it will take more than that for them to add it to their collection. Of course different pieces of jewellery vary depending on your style, but that doesn't mean you have to be a rapper or rock singer to wear them. If you have never thought that jewelry does have male audience until now, then it's time for a change of view!
Men's jewellery doesn't have to be aimed at any particular style, as there are many choices. Crosses, neck chains, cuff bracelets, band rings or even earrings and pendants, the list of jewelry for men is only growing. Don't worry, in this article we'll show you how to choose men's jewellery and ways you can wear it.
Men's earrings, for every style
Triangular earrings for men, made of hammered silver 925. Available in silver, gold, black or oxidized color tone.
Wear it with a simple white T shirt and denim pants, all hours of the day.
'Nails' earring for men totally handmade of 925 sterling silver in a dynamic male design.
An ideal piece of jewelry for men that love a rock or punk outfit style, but also for every occasion that he wants to be noticed for his style. In addition, it is a truly original gift, if you want a man to remember you while wearing it!
Men's earring Ankara | Emmanuela®
'Anchor' earring for men made of oxidized silver 925.
A truly original piece of jewelry, ideal for men who love traveling and following adventure. Thanks to its intense and mystic character, it matches all styles of men's dressing.
Ανδρικό σκουλαρίκι ηλεκτρική κιθάρα
'Electric Guitar' earring for men made of oxidized silver 925.
An ideal choice for a man who loves rock or blues music. A great gift for teenagers, amateur or professional guitar or base players, band members or aspiring rock stars!
Men's chain bracelet Byzantine chain bracelet for men made of oxidized silver 925,
Wear it every moment of the day, as it matches any style of men's dressing, formal or casual. A special gift that every man will appreciate and will never take off his wrist.
Χειροποίητο ανδρικό βραχιόλι | Emmanuela®
Bangle bracelet for men made of 925 sterling silver
A special piece of jewellery in a 'handcuff' design, a sign of power and masculinity for any man that chooses to wear it on his wrist. It is open ended and adjustable, appropriate for all wrist sizes.

Rings for men, who want to stand out!
Ανδρικό δαχτυλίδι πυξίδα
'Compass' ring for men, made of 925 oxidized silver with a carved compass on its surface.
A truly original piece of jewellery, ideal for men that love traveling and adventure. Thanks to its intense and mystic character, it fits any style of men's dressing.
Silver men's ring, featuring a large black agate round rock and a grainy surface. A truly original piece of jewellery, ideal for Gothic style male fans while also appropriate for a formal look, thanks to its intense and mystic character.
Goth style is a trend in men's jewellery and this original piece is ideal for men who are Goth-style fans! Wear it with a formal outfit, such as a suit and shirt, as the agate stone helps with styling!

Rings for men who want to stand out!

Pendants can be on your neck throughout the day! Here you can find silver pendants with dozens of different designs all from Emmanuela® collection. Wear them every day at work, on vacation or on a night out. Men's pendants were, are and will always be in vogue

In www.emmanuela.gr you will find a huge variety of silver jewellery in different styles and constructions, from which you can choose and start your research before you start shopping for men's jewellery!
If you're looking for men's jewellery with a nice design, durability, smart prices and quality construction, we recommend you to browse our large collection of men's jewellery available at our e-shop.

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