Why choose a handmade piece of jewellery?

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Accessories are the pieces that always give the final touch to our look. All jewellery emphasizes our features, adds to our image and helps us to highlight our beautiful side in every occasion. But handmade jewellery is more than just jewellery. Behind each design are hidden many hours of inspiration, elaboration, dedication and most importantly, the creator's passion. But why is handmade jewellery the ideal choice for a gift to a friend but also for you? In this blog we gather all the reasons that make the purchase of a handmade jewellery special!

Handmade jewellery can even be considered a trademark of your personality!

Each handmade piece of jewellery has its own story

By selecting a handmade piece you become part of the creator's story. And what do we mean by that? Usually every piece of jewellery is an inspiration that tries to send us a message (eg good luck, dynamism, freedom, self-confidence, modesty, love for music, etc.). Lovers of handmade jewellery often create a bond with the jewellery they wear, taking into account the original thought of the artist who designed it. It is certain that you have met someone to tell you 'I wear it because it brings me good luck', actually that is not random!

Mass-produced jewellery ? What is it?

It is important to know that handmade jewellery is exactly what the word components define - made by hand. That means that their production is extremely limited compared to mass-produced jewellery because each of them requires more time and attention.

That means attention to detail! This is the reason why handmade rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces almost never have imperfections or defects.

The importance of materials >

In mass jewellery factories it is certainly difficult to constantly monitor the quality of all the raw materials used in each piece of jewellery. This sometimes results in unwanted side effects due to possible mixing of another metal (eg rust). The materials used in the manufacture of handmade jewellery are very carefully selected in order to meet the quality production criteria.

Quality that stands out

Smaller production enables craftsmen to watch and control the jewellery throughout its creation. Both the designer and the manufacturers, love each piece very much, they are proud of it and above all they want the result to satisfy themselves. This is why they never let a lower quality piece of jewellery be sold under their own brand.

One of a kind < / p>

If you love to always stand out with your choices wherever you are, then you definitely need to constantly add handmade jewellery to your collection! Just think: a machine " cuts and sews " always the same way. Conversely, if you choose a handmade piece of jewellery, even if it is part of a jewellery line, it can never be 100% the same as another, precisely because it is made by hand. This way, you ensure that you will always stand out in your own unique way.

Your money is never wasted

When choosing jewellery from a large company it is difficult to know exactly where your money is going and who you are helping with your purchase as a consumer. On the other hand, buying a handmade piece of jewellery is an investment that is inextricably linked to the life of an artist and his collaborators.

Both the creator of the design and the craftsmen needed to make each piece of jewellery dedicate themselves to it with great passion, aiming for a quality result and with the money they receive from in each market they make a living. So, by buying a handmade piece of jewellery, we can say that in a sense we do the good deed of the day, since with our money we ensure the quality of life of other people ...

Now that you know the reasons that make a handmade piece of jewellery stand out, do not hesitate to purchase one of them! Remember that although the piece you choose may be a little more expensive than a mass production design, with your purchase you will definitely enjoy high quality, while helping an artist team to continue adding unique designs to its collection.

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