What wedding crowns should I choose?

Tι στέφανα γάμου να διαλέξω; | Emmanuela - handcrafted for you®

Wedding wreaths, handmade or not, must meet this basic criterion: to reflect the personality and the relationship of the couple.

In Orthodox weddings, the crowns are royal symbols and refer to the new kingdom that inaugurates the newlywed couple, their home! That's why the bride and groom are wreathed 'in glory and honor', with the wish that they govern their 'kingdom' with wisdom and love for each other!

Choose from handmade wedding wreaths vintage or minimal, made of silver 925, with pearls and made with special procedure for eternal shining! A unique pair of crowns can combine retro or more abstract elements, depending on your will! The choice is yours (and the best man's!)

'Olive leaves' wedding crowns

If you're more of a romantic type of person, then you can choose more vintage wedding crowns to 100% reflect your style and temperament.

Totally handmade and Greek wedding crowns made of 925 silver with gold-plated elements.

A rich design of the collection that resembles to true olive wreath leaves! These crowns are decorated with olive leaves made of gold-plated silver, that give them a greater volume and shining, as well as a feeling of liveliness!

Twisted wires wedding crowns

A classic and timeless design, the twisted wires wedding crowns fit every style. If you are not sure about the wedding dress and the style of the wedding, do not worry, these wedding wreaths are an all time classic!

A simple and absolutely elegant design that highlights the couple in the happiest moment of their lives!

Minimalist wedding crowns

A clear, minimalist and solid design, suitable for an aristocratic or fashion wedding.

The crowns are subjected to a special procedure to maintain their shine and not to tarnish over time. They are optionally tied with a satin ribbon or organza in white or ivory shades and placed in an elegant, luxurious white box.

Triple wedding crowns

If you like a little more extreme choices and you tend to exaggerate in the outfit you choose every day, then these are the ideal handmade wedding crowns for you!

A real victory wreath for those who feel their wedding day as the beginning of a wonderful course in the sport of married life! These crowns have a wavy pattern with triple "knitting". Their construction material is gold-plated silver, decorated with scattered white pearls in triads.

Spiral wedding crowns

A classic pattern becomes the occasion for this wonderful design that reminds of Ionic rhythm! If you are a fan of the ancient Greek style, then this is the ideal choice for you!

plus: For each pair of silver wedding crowns you choose, you get as a gift, 2 matching lapel pins (boutonnieres) which, according to tradition, are worn by the groom and the best man at the ceremony.

Discover our collection of handmade wedding crowns and contact us for custom creation, based on existing designs.

So we wish you 'Vion Anthosparton' (i.e. 'A life rinkled with flowers')!

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