'Airplane' necklace

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✈ Airplane' necklace made of sterling silver. An ideal choice for a flyer type of woman and someone who loves distant trips. A smart gift for pilots or flight crew members or for those that have turned air travel into a routine!

✅ A unique piece of jewellery, crafted with attention to detail. A great idea for a gift to a woman. It is very resistant and reliable, as it has undergone a special oxidation treatment process, which gives a stunning matte velvety texture and at the same time makes it immune to the factors that could affect sterling silver.

⚖ Small pendant weight: 1g

📏 Small pendant height: 20mm/0.79"

📐 Small pendant width: 17mm/0.67"

⚖ Large pendant weight: 1.9g

📏 Large pendant height: 25mm/0.98"

📐 Large pendant width: 22mm/0.87"

Available in:

- black Eco-leather cord or

- 925 oxidized sterling silver rolo chain or

- military style, 925 oxidized sterling silver ball chain

Also, available in various lengths:








- All with 925 sterling silver safe lobster claw closures.

🎁 Every piece of jewelry is delivered separately in an elegant gift box. Inside the package, you will find a boutique quality paper bag for every box.

👕 The women's collection that this item belongs to, is made in Italy using the newest methods of is refined in our workshop, here in Greece. It consists of remarkable women's accessories, in original and inventive designs, that follow the most recent and extreme trends of current fashion.

😎 It is designed for dynamic, modern women that prefer to stand out and provoke through their outfit, without losing their original identity. Whether you are a girl next door or an famous fashion blogger, by wearing these creations, everyone will notice their style.

🎵 Our designs are inspired by travels, history, religion, nature and internal search. We emphasize in music and arts. 'Emmanuela - handcrafted for you' jewellery is so trendy and unique, so you can wear them in all occasions.

⛱ They can even be worn at the beach, as these pieces of jewellery fit perfectly with tattoos. At the same time, their fine construction makes them invulnerable by sea water or the sun!

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