5 jewelry with pearls that you must have! (+ What are pearls?)

5 κοσμήματα με μαργαριτάρια που πρέπει να αποκτήσεις! (+Τι είναι τα μαργαριτάρια;) | Emmanuela - handcrafted for you®

Pearls are the ultimate all time classic jewelry. Women and men all over the world love it and it is a common choice for a gift. But what exactly are pearls and where do they come from? Why are they so valuable and what makes women love them so much?

From antiquity pearls had stigmatized the lives of many historical figures… Once Cleopatra in a sign of personal superiority, swallowed it ostentatiously in front of the courtyard, while many years later Queen Elizabeth established it as the… shell of virginity!

For many centuries pearls were used for medicinal purposes… The Chinese took pearl "pills" to make them immortal, while other Asian cultures used pearls as a cure for fever, indigestion, bleeding and more.

In ancient Greece, the pearl was dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite, since according to legend Aphrodite emerged from the water through a shell, like the pearl. Homer refers to pearls, saying: "The precious stones, which radiated like three shining drops, hung from her ears."

Their impressive presence over the years, bring us one of the longest lasting trends in jewelry after gold and silver!

Through the collection of Emmanuela we suggest you 4 pearl jewelry that you "must have":

Studded earrings with pearls swarovski

These handmade stud earrings with white pearls swarovski are made of 925 silver!

Ring with white pearl

A 100% handmade δαχτυλίδι made of 925 silver with white round pearl 8mm. An original and impressive piece of jewelry for women who want to captivate the eyes with the accessories they wear. Combine it with earrings , the choker or the bracelet of the same collection, so that you have a complete chic set that you can wear on any occasion, even at your wedding!

Earrings chains with pearls

Unique handmade earrings for women, made of silver chains and white pearls. An original and impressive piece of jewelry that suits every occasion in which you want to be noticed for your special taste!

Stud earrings "leaves" with pearls

A minimal choice,these handmade stud "earrings" are made of 925 silver & white pearls!

Pins earrings with pearls

Handmade earrings earpins made of 925 silver, with white pearls. These women's jewelry literally embrace and adorn the ears! They are easy to wear and stable even without a clasp while giving a special feeling as they touch the lobes. The simple lines and the minimal design, combined with the special way it is worn, make this jewelry an ideal choice for women who want to impress with the earrings they wear. Decorated with white pearls, it will definitely be a happy touch to your every outing. Try them and they will definitely become your inseparable friend!

Pearls, natural or artificial, come in several modern versions and are combined with precious or semi-precious stones and various metals to wear at any time of the day and depending on your mood.

In Emmanuela- Handcrafted for You, we offer you many different versions of your favorite jewelry with pearl (pearl), discover them all here.

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