Boyfriend in panic? 8 great gift ideas for Valentine's day!

Άνδρας σε πανικό; 8 δώρα για του Αγίου Βαλεντίνου! | Emmanuela - handcrafted for you®

Are you looking for the perfect valentine gift? Do you want to give her a special present but you have a limited budget and you want to keep some money for a nice dinner and a delicious wine (even at home)?

Flowers, chocolate bars and cards may not be enough! Okay, cards with tender words are always welcome, but why not give her a gift that she 'll remember forever and will surely love: Handmade silver jewellery!

You do not need to worry how you make the right choice. We are here for you! In this article you will find 8 wonderful ideas for a Valentine's day gift!

Jewellery for Valentine's day

1) Pendant necklaces

A pendant necklace is a great choice for a gift, a piece of jewellery that will make hey "bear" you all day long! Depending on the style of your beloved, you can choose a chic or casual piece or even a rock style pendant!

If your loved one is a romance freak or a nature enthusiast, a gift like the 'Rose flower' necklace might be what you are looking for. It is a simple and unpretentious design (you do not risk not matching her tastes or colors!), but with fine and cute details. If nothing else, it suits the occasion!

2) 'Arrow' ring»

Δαχτυλίδι "βέλος" - Emmanuela Handcrafted for you®

Handmade 'Arrow' ring made of 925 hammered silver. What smarter way to show her that the arrows of love have hit you?
You can discreetly observe if he prefers the color gold or silver in jewellery, and choose accordingly!

3) 3) Jewellery in the shape of a star & moon

If you want to make it even more romantic, this is a choice of definite success. If the night sky is her thing, then this is the perfect gift for her!

The handmade 'Star and moon' earrings,, made of 925 hammered silver with gold-plated elements, are at the same time a very romantic choice but also an elegant design that will make her stand out and… adore you.

4) Κοσμήματα σε σχήμα 4) Heart-shaped jewellery

You can't be more clear than this! With such a piece of jewellery you will always remind her that your heart belongs to her!

Handmade heart dangle earrings , made of 925 silver and white pearls are a chic choice that your other half will love!

5) Cuff earrings

Seize the opportunity to give her a very original gift that she will not expect! Ear cuffs are very fashionable and stand out for the way they are worn.

Σκουλαρίκι cuff με μαργαριτάρι | Emmanuela - handcrafted for you®

Thepearl ear cuff by Emmanuela – handcrafted for you® is intended to be worn in the middle heught of her ear and to hug it (in fact, your beloved one does not need to have a pierced ear) and you will surely surprise her with your originality and knowledge about earrings! The pearl gives an extra touch (after all, it is an element that all women love)! A very special piece of jewellery at an affordable price!

6) Jewellery with monogram

This is a statement of great devotion! Monograms are by definition unique gifts (since they include the initials of the person who will wear them), especially when you can combine her initials with your own.

The handmade 'bench' brooch made of oxidized silver 925 and copper, with coral. is a very delicate and special design and it is certain that such a piece of jewellery will become a symbol of your relationship!

7) Ear climbers

They are easy to wear and match firmly even without clicking, while they give you a unique feeling as the are hugging your earlobes! Their delicate lines and minimal design make this set an ideal choice want to impress with their outfit. So, no doubts that this is a very good choice!

The handmade ear climbers from twisted wire, made of braided 925 silver by Emmanuela – handcrafted for you® will literally embrace and decorate the ears of your loved one!

8) Shine on Valentine's Day with Swarovski crystals

If she is into jewellery with more elements, the ring with pearls and Swarovski is an ideal choice for her! A gift that shows that you take Valentine's day, and of course your relationship, seriously. An impressive ring with wonderful details!

Extra tip: Care about the box!

On Emmanuela – handcrafted for you® all items sent are carefully packaged in specially designed boxes. The contents of the package include a boutique quality shopping bag branded pouch & gift box! So the celebration can start with unboxing! We need 3 days to prepare your jewellery and use DHL express international shipping. The delivery takes 2-3 days, so be prompt to have her gift on time!

Do you feel a little more informed now?

Women never stop loving gifts! They want to know that you care about them 365 days a year! The ways to achieve this are endless, but I hope that, for this specific day, you found exactly the way you were looking through this article!

Happy Valentine’s!

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